30 Day Booty Challenge

I am so super excited to bring the Dirty Girl Mud Run nation a brand NEW 30 Day Fitness Challenge!!! Our first “I Am Awesome” challenge continues to be a huge success! I can’t wait to see even more girls ROCK this month’s “My Booty Is the Bomb” Challenge!

This is not your average challenge — I know there are so many out there. How’s it different? It’s created for YOU by me, Heather Gidusko, Founder & Managing Director of Sweat Like A Girl, and long time fitness pro! I just happen to know exactly how to work with women’s bodies, and keep YOU motivated, all while having FUN!

The “I Am Awesome” challenges have been created for you to experience the physical benefits, and even more importantly, they will help you realize a feeling of success, knowing you have inside YOU, the motivation and determination to BE AWESOME! So what are you waiting for! Get started with Day 1 on July 1st, or even right now!

We’ve created a super Facebook Event for you to join in, invite your friends to do it with you, and post every day that you are indeed AWESOME! I’ll be checking in everyday, motivating YOU and answering any questions you may have regarding this challenge…or anything, really! These social challenge groups foster a tremendous sense of community and accountability among the women who participate, so I strongly urge you to join in! The interaction on this facebook group for the “My Core is Killer” challenge was amazing!!! It has brought together women all over the country!!!!

Do this for YOU girls — I promise 30 days from now you’ll be so happy you did!

This is a challenge for ALL levels of fitness, and there are even 2 different “Levels of Awesome” you can work at! Be sure to watch the quick, instructional YouTube clip on proper form so you can get the most out of your 30 day fitness challenge workouts! And FIND OUT THE BONUS MOVE THIS MONTH – FOUND ONLY IN THIS VIDEO CLIP!!!

Visit the FACEBOOK event here to join the challenge now and invite your friends! The event page will be updated to the July challenge on the first of the month. In the meantime, you can try out the June challenge and or just get to know our supportive community! It is an awesome feeling to know you are helping and motivating your friends to get this challenge accomplished! It becomes so much more than a 30 day fitness challenge – it just may change your life!

Don’t forget one of the most important things about this challenge that makes it so unique! Upon completion of the exercises each day, you must shout out loud “I AM AWESOME AND MY BOOTY IS THE BOMB!!!” That’s right, this month’s challenge focuses on your Gluteus Maximus!!! So get ready to DROP IT LIKE A SQUAT!!! We can’t wait to find out how truly AWESOME you really are!

Remember to share your progress with #sweatlikeadirtygirl

-Heather Gidusko, Owner

Sweat Like A Girl is an awesome community of women, coming together to achieve their fitness and health goals in a completely non-judgmental environment. Both in our gym and through our “Train Like A Girl” Online program, available to women across the country, we are dedicated to motivating you to give your 100% in challenging workouts built for women of all fitness abilities. Build confidence while you test your limits. Learn more and get access to special promotions for Dirty Girl participants at http://www.sweatlikeagirl.com/dirty-girl

30 Day Booty Challenge

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