First Mud Run Ever! Yes I Am A Dirty Girl!


By: Katie Bolden of Huff n’ Puff to Buff n’ Tough   June 27th 2015 was such an amazing day for me! I am still smiling. Months before this all went down, I decided to challenge myself by completing two 5K’s in a single day. It all started with a dilemma – there were two […]

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The Peanuts Gang

unnamed (4)

By: Samantha Schultz of The Peanuts Gang Last month, a few of my favorites and I tackled the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Chicago in the Sears Centre Arena parking lot. We decided to go with a rainbow theme since we could each represent one color of the rainbow and our team loved going all out, complete with rainbow socks. […]

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Living the Code of Awesome

race_1137_photo_16997889 (1)

By Heather Gidusko, Sweat Like A Girl & Train Like A Girl Right now, ask yourself — am I AWESOME? Yes, you are awesome! YOU!  All of us. Every one of us embodies awesomeness!  The hardest part sometimes, is realizing that for yourself.  I too have struggled, and still do struggle, with self-doubt, low self-confidence, […]

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Girls on the Grid


By: Michelle Sweezey of Girls on the Grid   Last month I had the great fortune of getting to run the Dirty Girls Mud Run with a few (thousand) of my fellow female warrior friends. Yes, I said “fortune” and “run” and “mud” all in the same sentence. Yes, they do go together, quite nicely as it […]

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Why I Keep Running


By: Ann Heinzel of My Milwaukee Mommy   Running isn’t something that I thoroughly enjoy.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the “runner’s high” and the feeling of accomplishment when I complete a run, but I don’t always LOVE it while I’m doing it.  In fact, I loathe it!  I get the side cramps. […]

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30 Day Booty Challenge


I am so super excited to bring the Dirty Girl Mud Run nation a brand NEW 30 Day Fitness Challenge!!! Our first “I Am Awesome” challenge continues to be a huge success! I can’t wait to see even more girls ROCK this month’s “My Booty Is the Bomb” Challenge! This is not your average challenge […]

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