GPS Not Needed

What you will need is Get-up-and-go, Positivity and Sass! Hmm, well looky there…I guess you do need “GPS” after all!

Ladies, a Dirty Girl 5K Mud Run & Obstacle Course is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in your estrogen-laden world!  It’s loud.  It’s happy.  It’s encouraging.  It’s emotional.  And it is MUDDY!

With obstacles like PMS (pretty muddy stuff), Get a Grip, and Dirty Dancing, the laughs are limitless and the camaraderie incredible.  Worried about your “time”? Well stop!  At Dirty Girl Events, ain’t nobody got time for that!  We make time for the things that really matter: friendship, laughter, encouragement and fun.  Concerned you won’t be able to make it over one of the muddy obstacles?  You’re killing us!  Walk around the darn thing.  That’s right, hold your mud-caked head up high and tell your friends you’ll see ‘em on the other side.  Are you starting to get the picture?  At Dirty Girl Mud Events, happiness, high-spiritedness, understanding and togetherness reign supreme.  And when all is said and done, you will bask in unabashed, dirty diva glory, as a member of the Dirty Girl Nation. Now…to the obstacles!

Barn Burner

Climb up higher than you ever thought you could. Once at the top, there’s nowhere to go but to gently bounce back down to the ground.

Get A Grip

All that rope ladder training you’ve been doing is about to pay off…kind of. Climb like you’ve never climbed before and holler out when you ring that bell!

Utopian Tubes

It’s wet and muddy in those tubes. Follow the light as you crawl through the short tunnel and emerge on the other side, muddy and laughing until your belly aches.

Get Over Yourself!

It’s an eight foot wall to climb up and over. And yes, there are a few steps along the way. This is your chance to shine…and lend a helping hand to your fellow Dirty Girls.

You Go Girl!

Like high-stepping through tires, but pink and with more padding. This one really gets your heart pumping.

PMS (Pretty Muddy Stuff)

Dirty Girls are Pretty and this Stuff is Muddy. Hop in the pit, run through and get to the other side. Pretty Muddy Simple.

Runaway Bride

As with all runaway brides, you never really know what’s going to happen. Up and over? Down and under? Expect the unexpected and some variety.

Amaze Yourself!

Twist, turn, step or crawl. Get through the bungee maze any way you can. No one is judging on style points.


Heard of water aerobics? This is more like muddy-water-aerobics. Your job? Climb in and get to the other side any way you want. Water wings not required.
*H2OMG is only used on course when possible

Down & Dirty

It’s like crawling under the fence when you were a kid…you still giggle a bit, but there is a lot more mud and the fence is 40 feet long.

Dirty Dancing

Remember climbing up and going down that huge playground slide in elementary school and landing in a massive mud pit? No? Well, here’s your chance!

Net Working

Watch your hands and feet as they go in all different directions! Find something to grab as you climb up, across and down a massive rope-lined funky fortress.