Who run the world? Dirty Girls Do!


By: Tiffany Kay Tam of Barbell Babes Who runs the world? Dirty girls do! We had an amazing time at this year’s Dirty Girl Mud Run on Saturday, August 22nd in Clarksburg, Maryland. We were also honored to send two Barbell Babes to run the fun run. Below we’ve captured a short interview with sisters […]

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First Mud Run Ever! Yes I Am A Dirty Girl!


By: Katie Bolden of Huff n’ Puff to Buff n’ Tough   June 27th 2015 was such an amazing day for me! I am still smiling. Months before this all went down, I decided to challenge myself by completing two 5K’s in a single day. It all started with a dilemma – there were two […]

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The Peanuts Gang

unnamed (4)

By: Samantha Schultz of The Peanuts Gang Last month, a few of my favorites and I tackled the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Chicago in the Sears Centre Arena parking lot. We decided to go with a rainbow theme since we could each represent one color of the rainbow and our team loved going all out, complete with rainbow socks. […]

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Living the Code of Awesome

race_1137_photo_16997889 (1)

By Heather Gidusko, Sweat Like A Girl & Train Like A Girl Right now, ask yourself — am I AWESOME? Yes, you are awesome! YOU!  All of us. Every one of us embodies awesomeness!  The hardest part sometimes, is realizing that for yourself.  I too have struggled, and still do struggle, with self-doubt, low self-confidence, […]

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Girls on the Grid


By: Michelle Sweezey of Girls on the Grid   Last month I had the great fortune of getting to run the Dirty Girls Mud Run with a few (thousand) of my fellow female warrior friends. Yes, I said “fortune” and “run” and “mud” all in the same sentence. Yes, they do go together, quite nicely as it […]

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Why I Keep Running


By: Ann Heinzel of My Milwaukee Mommy   Running isn’t something that I thoroughly enjoy.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the “runner’s high” and the feeling of accomplishment when I complete a run, but I don’t always LOVE it while I’m doing it.  In fact, I loathe it!  I get the side cramps. […]

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30 Day Booty Challenge


I am so super excited to bring the Dirty Girl Mud Run nation a brand NEW 30 Day Fitness Challenge!!! Our first “I Am Awesome” challenge continues to be a huge success! I can’t wait to see even more girls ROCK this month’s “My Booty Is the Bomb” Challenge! This is not your average challenge […]

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