The History of Mud – Dirty Girl Style!

In 2011, Dirty Girl 5K Mud Run and Obstacle Course made its debut in three cities: Milwaukee, Denver and Buffalo.  The mud was abundant and the laughter contagious.  Women were ready to forget about their deadlines and “to do’s” for one glorious day.  They gathered their gal pals and rejoiced in finally being the ones to soak up the sideline cheers!  Yes, the Dirty Girl nation was born.  Never before had there been an event devoted solely to women, welcoming ALL fitness levels.

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  Dirty Girl events inspire fabulous females to run, walk, climb, jump and laugh their way, hand in muddy hand, to an unabashed sense of accomplishment.  And today?  Oh yeah, you betchya, things have gotten a WHOLE LOT DIRTIER!  Dirty Girl 5K Mud Run and Obstacle course brings its muddy merriment, cementing its place in history as the premiere, women’s only mud run event.  So what are you waiting for?  Sign up today to be a part of something truly magical, side-splittingly memorable and wonderfully muddy!   Visit our FAQ Page for all your questions or our Volunteer page for information on how to volunteer with us! Find a complete list of our upcoming events on our Dirty Girl Events page.

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