Fun Costume Ideas for Dirty Girls


A big part of the fun of running a mudder is the chance to show off team spirit or personal creativity by wearing fun costumes for the event.

If you need a little inspiration to get your creative costume-designing juices flowing, here are a few ideas, from the simple to the more elaborate. All of these have been chosen because they’re easy to make, inexpensive and, of course, relatively easy to run in.

Want to show off your Girl Power credentials and honor the women of yesteryear? How about a Rosie the Riveter costume? There’s also one here for Rosie’s soul sister, Lumber Jill.

Or maybe a female superhero is more your sartorial style. To make this look even easier, try adding a pair of running sleeves, such as these Wonder Woman-esque numbers.

If you’re feeling more like a princess, there are plenty of ideas to achieve the look. For starters, try these Little Mermaid running sleeves.  For more princess ideas, as well as a few takes on evil queens like Cruella Deville of 101 Dalmatians fame, look here.

For a trip back to cartoons of your childhood, how about a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume – especially cute for a running team of four members.

Achieve the same idea in Smurfs costume by pairing a pair of light blue running tights with an oversized white tee shirt and a floppy white knit cap or beret.

In fact a huge variety of costumes can be concocted just by starting with the right color running tights and matching wind shirt as a base. Try a pair of tights that matches your skin tone and top with a long black tee shirt and maybe a tiara for Audrey Hepburn’s Little Black Dress look. Or make layers of ruffles out of several old shirts to create a 1920’s flapper-style running skirt.

For a team approach, how about each woman wears a different color of bright running tights and matching shirt to create a fruit bowl effect. One team mate could be all in purple to represent grapes, another in yellow for banana, a third in red for apple and another in orange. For extra fun, the woman in orange can insist that she is not an orange, but a tangerine.

If sports are more your speed, you can pair some old football pants or just some draw-string sweats with re-cut team jersey. For the shoes, try a permanent marker or some fabric paint on a pair of white leg warmers. Just draw on the laces and wear them over your running shoes. Check out this example.

For a very simple but fun way to show your style on the field (at least until that first muddle puddle) try some of these cute glitter shoelaces.

More fun DIY costume ideas can be found on sites like Pinterest. Many how-to sites also offer easy ideas for make-it-yourself costumes. For example, check out for step-by-step instructions.

And, if you find you don’t have the time or the patience for do-it-yourself, or if you just need that one accessory to really make your costume sing, try a site like this:

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