Girls on the Grid

By: Michelle Sweezey of Girls on the Grid


Last month I had the great fortune of getting to run the Dirty Girls Mud Run with a few (thousand) of my fellow female warrior friends.

Yes, I said “fortune” and “run” and “mud” all in the same sentence. Yes, they do go together, quite nicely as it turns out.

I’m a big fan of mud runs, obstacle runs, themed runs, relay runs, just, um, well, okay runs in general. I like to run, I like to challenge myself, I like to have fun, and I like to do all of this with other people. This is exactly why Dirty Girl Mud Run was so great— it was all of that, and more.

As a writer for Girls on the Grid, a lifestyle blog focused on the daily lives of professional women in Sacramento, I was honored to represent not only our group of local lady powerhouses, but also to stand in support of all women, especially cancer survivors. Girls on the Grid is partnered with WEAVE, Inc., the primary provider of crisis intervention services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Sacramento County and the Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA).

Collectively, we write and share about our life on (and off) the grid, our personal lives, our working lives, as well as what’s hot and happening around town. However, we do this with a purpose, not just to empower and entertain the public, but also to build community, spotlight new businesses and initiatives and raise awareness about issues ranging from politics to pop culture. In essence, we write to help you, help you help your community grow.

So, when Dirty Girl Mud Run reached out to us and asked us if we were interested in running their Sacramento event, the answer was a resounding “yes please!” Our race day cohort included four willing scribes outfitted in matching yellow tanks and ready for whatever lay ahead. We honestly weren’t sure what to expect, other fun and mud.

Well, we asked for it, and Dirty Girl Mud Run delivered. Big!

Mud, we found. Fun, we had. And challenges, weovercame. One of our runners had never been in the mud. Like ever. Here she is swimming (yes, that’s us doing the backstroke in the mud pit) at the finish line.


GirlsOnTheGrid_3Another runner, a new mama, wasn’t sure she would be strong enough to complete the course. Here she is at the finish line.

We clearly had a terrible time.

Except not. Except we loved every minute of it, and so did everyone around us. Every team we encountered was happy to be there; never did we find a group who wasn’t cheering one another one, helping each other up, under, over or around, nor complaining. Ever.

The course was set up well, with tons of support nearby to offer water, aid, and encouragement, and registration and packet pick-up were a breeze. And, I must say, our race day swag was pretty (literally) good stuff, which was an unexpected bonus.

We are grateful to Dirty Girl Mud Run for the invitation, and certain we’ll be back to run again, and soon. We hope you’ll join us next year, just bring a smile and your best dance moves, because these girls on the grid really like to move it, even dirty. Won’t you join us? #RunWithMeDG

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