Living the Code of Awesome

By Heather Gidusko, Sweat Like A Girl & Train Like A Girl

Right now, ask yourself — am I AWESOME? Yes, you are awesome! YOU!  All of us. Every one of us embodies awesomeness!  The hardest part sometimes, is realizing that for yourself.  I too have struggled, and still do struggle, with self-doubt, low self-confidence, fear of failing, and just plain old feeling like poop!  In fact I wrote all about my “weight” loss story  and my own journey to AWESOME on my Sweat Like A Girl blog!

We all need to cut ourselves some slack, and stop being bitches to ourselves!!  As funny as that sounds, it’s so very true!  We tend to hold very high expectations for ourselves. We look at others and wish we could have what they have. Don’t get me wrong girls, setting goals and having expectations is indeed great; but having unrealistic expectations which end up making you feel crappy when unmet are not going to get you a ride on the AWESOME TRAIN!  Maybe you are already on the awesome train chugging along, and that’s, well, awesome! If so, then your job is to then pick up some more passengers; spread your positivity and make others feel great!


But what if you’re not yet riding that train? That’s okay, because we’re all on a journey. Today is the day — your day — when you begin your journey to awesome! Start by simply following the “Code of Awesome” and you will no doubt, be on your way to total awesomeness!  At my gym, Sweat Like A Girl, and through my online fitness program Train Like A Girl, we don’t strive for perfection. We strive for strength! Strength in our minds! Strength in our bodies! Strength in our spirit!  We work hard so we can be happy!!!  We are our own biggest fans!  Everyone is encouraged to do their best and never to compare themselves with others!


1. Be Kind to Yourself

When you look in the mirror, think or even say out loud, “oh that girl is freaking awesome!

2. Be Kind to Others

Smile in the grocery store, especially at the grumpy, impatient person behind you

3. Embrace Your Flaws Because Perfection is BORING

Love all of yourself, even that zit on your forehead!

4. Laugh

Find things to laugh at even when laughing is the last thing you feel like doing!

5. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Find something you are a bit scared to do and do it! If you need moral support, take someone with you!!

6. Celebrate the UNIQUENESS of YOU

Don’t waste time wondering what others will think, live life to its fullest!

7. Learn to “Suck it Up Buttercup”

Life will suck sometimes, but you will get through the tough times. Remember you will find strength in the pain!

8. Have Meaningful Human Interaction

Sounds funny – but in this day and age of screens, we have lost the art of communicating face to face!

9. Be Your Own Biggest Fan

Tell yourself how great you are, everyday. And that you can achieve anything you want!

10. LOVE

Love your life, love your blessings, love your hardships, love the people in your life, and LOVE YOURSELF!

It’s taken me some time, but at the age of almost 40, I’m on that train, baby!!!  I’m very blessed to be doing what I love — which is to inspire, motivate and lead other women and girls in feeling good about themselves.  At the end of the day, always remember, you have everything inside you to be AWESOME, feel AWESOME and help others feel AWESOME!!!  And that is just what I am doing!

I am so very happy to have teamed up with the Dirty Girl Mud Run to touch the lives of women all over the world with the I AM AWESOME 30 Day Fitness Challenges. I created these especially for EVERY woman. I specifically chose the name of these challenges to celebrate the goodness of who we are and what we are…not something we feel we have to achieve. We don’t need a beach body challenge, a bikini challenge, the 6 pack abs challenge — we need to celebrate the fact that we are ALREADY AWESOME and applaud that our Core is Killer, our Arms are Amazing, our Legs are Legendary, our Heart is Healthy, our Body is Bendy, our Booty is the Bomb!

Along with all of the wonderful things in my life, I’ve had struggles that have made me who I am today.  Because of this, I encourage all of you women — the super fit, the kinda fit, and those who have never felt fit — to be the best version of yourself and always, always BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, because NO ONE CAN DO THAT FOR YOU!!!   Today is YOUR Day to get on the train and start LIVING THE CODE OF AWESOME!!


Heather Gidusko is the founder and owner of the gym Sweat Like A Girl, creator of the online fitness program, Train Like A Girl, and devotes her time to leading and supporting several online women’s fitness communities. Heather is also a Master Trainer for three international fitness companies, a fitness presenter, an obstacle course competitor, a Mom of three, and is a former Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader with degrees in Kinesiology and Dance!! Passionate and enthusiastic doesn’t even begin to describe Heather’s desire to help you achieve your fitness and health goals! Learn more here.

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