Secret To My Motivation!


YIKES – The Dirty Girl Mud Run in Colorado is about a month away.

All the chatter about the Wisconsin race on Facebook and excitement of the teams is only adding to my own excitement and anticipation of what’s to come!!!  I just saw the picture of the Barn Burner…Are they for real? I saw a few other posts about restrooms breaks (I mean that’s a great question), and about our post game drink (ALSO, a great question)!

What am I most excited about? I’m excited to get a bunch of my female friends together to do this event. I will enjoy some laughs in the process. Enjoy the moments where we need to push each other across the line. And most of all, I’m excited about the memories we will create by participating in something new TOGETHER! Come on, you know how we women get when we all get together with our girlfriends. We laugh louder and talk A LOT more.

Time passes us all by too quickly and it becomes harder to find the moments to enjoy  quality time with friends and family in the process. Doing this event isn’t just about crossing the line. For me…it’s about enjoying all the interesting challenges from the start to the finish.

What am I worried about? Some of you might refer to me as a frequent tweeter or heavy user of Facebook :) (@KristenSonsma) If I’m going to be honest with you, I have been pondering ways I can tweet, share photos, and encourage others to participate in fun events like this without ruining my phone on the obstacles and of course the mud portion. Any thoughts feel free to leave them in the comment section below…I’d much appreciate your ideas!

I’m sure there are a bunch of tips and tricks you might read about on how to best TACKLE some of the challenges. I think I am more excited about the experience of the unknown, the excuse to get back into shape along side a few friends, and DEFINITELY the laughs along the way.

I’m always looking for new motivation, what are you most excited about?

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