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By: Samantha Schultz of The Peanuts Gang
Last month, a few of my favorites and I tackled the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Chicago in the Sears Centre Arena parking lot. We decided to go with a rainbow theme since we could each represent one color of the rainbow and our team loved going all out, complete with rainbow socks.
I was Green. Hello.
Our crew was ready to rock and get muddy! We brought some menfolk and kiddos along to cheer us on and our motto was no woman left behind!unnamed (1)
This was one of my favorite obstacles, bouncing around and getting even muddier!
unnamed (2)
One of my favorite parts of the race? We were muddy before we even really started and each obstacle aimed to get you a little dirtier. We saw people of shapes and sizes having a blast and we all loved the camaraderie so much that we are looking forward to the next muddy run we can get our hands on! The obstacles were plentiful, plenty muddy and the waits were not that long. They also varied in difficulty which we all loved. Nothing too easy and nothing impossible!
This was after tackling the mud swept slide!
unnamed (3)
Success! Crossing the muddy finish line in colorful and muddy glory! Yes, I know I don’t look all that muddy up top, I lifted my torso on most, so I saved myself…somewhat.
unnamed (4)
A medal and some dirt to prove it. Three showers later, I was finally fully clean and most of my clothes managed to make it through their own mud bath.
unnamed (5)
The only downside? The rinse area had people who used it more like a shower, coming out completely clean with their hair perfectly coiffed. My advice – come prepared with water, towels, extra clothes and take care of the heavy duty cleaning at home!
Want to join in on your own muddiness? Check out the next one happening in Twin Cities, MN, throughout this summer or join us back in Chicago next year!

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